Air Harrods


Air Harrods

Based at London Stansted Airport, Air Harrods offers several bespoke aircraft services to complement those of Harrods Aviation. Like Harrods’ Knightsbridge store, Air Harrods can fulfil the most specialised requests – from maintaining the pristine condition of your helicopter and supplying the pilot to fly it, to brokering a VIP charter and arranging an executive transfer at your destination.

Helicopter Management

Whether purchased for business or pleasure, a private helicopter should be a luxurious and timesaving asset. Air Harrods’ helicopter management service relieves you of the responsibilities of ownership, while freeing up the time you need to fully enjoy the privileges of your machine.

Charter Brokering

Chartering allows you to appreciate the beauty of travelling by air, without owning an aircraft. Whatever the occasion, Air Harrods’ experienced team can source the most luxuriously appointed helicopters and aircraft for your journey.

Bespoke Aviation Packages

Air Harrods also creates bespoke packages that include additional flourishes such as limousine transfers and on-board catering to match the gourmet delights of Harrods’ world-renowned Food Halls.


Air Harrods has access to a host of skilled pilots who are qualified to fly a broad range of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Our pilot hire service puts their expertise at your disposal.


First Avenue | London Stansted Airport | Stansted | Essex CM24 1QQ

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